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Jules Ahoi

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Cologne, Germany

Presented by: German Music Talent, Hamburger Morgenpost

The ocean as a metaphor for freedom and infinity is the great muse in Jules Ahoi's life. The singer-songwriter loves to ride waves and prefers to spend his summers as a surf coach in Spain—something that has had an audible influence on his music.

Lightness, good vibes, and youthful drive are present in each note; the vocals range from powerful to vulnerable, almost pleading. Ahoi is supported by a band of close friends, The Deepsea Orchestra, who enchant with guitars, drums, and keyboard, but also bass and cello. The band turns song such as "Love Let It Flow" and "Robinson Crusoe" into poignant tales of love and the zest for life that keeps us all keeping on. And what sort of stories could be more welcome in these times?

Zu meinen Favoriten

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