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Jungle by Night

Music / Electronic/Live, Global / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Afrobeat hasn't sounded this accomplished and laid-back in a while: Jungle By Night aren't the last remnants of Fela Kuti's band Afrika 70, but rather a young ensemble from Amsterdam, bursting with energy and fresh ideas. It's been about ten years since the nine started making a name for themselves all over Europe, and on the way, they've not only had praise heaped on them by Ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke and Afrobeat institution Tony Allen, they've also signed with the label Kindred Spirits. The boys clearly haven't missed a beat.

A furious wind section, funk grooves, and jazzy saxes are all played to precise and rousing perfection. On top of that, Jungle By Night treat us to rhythms from Nigeria and Senegal, Indonesian percussion, and sprinkles of gamelan over brilliant electronic effects. Who would have thought that the next Afrobeat and jazz-funk revival would come from Amsterdam?

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