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Music / Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap / Hamburg, Germany

Presented by: Haspa HH Musikstiftung

When Vince Adam pours his Autotune delivery over the viscous, grooving beats of Johnny Beck, it's enough to make you wonder: Is it the organically produced trap rhythms? The sarcastic urban poetry of Generation Z? Is it the unfailing feel for melody that's to blame for the goosebumps? No matter what the secret ingredient is, Juvil demonstrated the high standards they set for their own esthetic already on their first single, "Kein Signal". This is what's next up on the German rap scene.

The two Hamburg natives cleverly combine the catchiness of electronic pop music with the in-your-faceness of hip hop—something many before them have tried without succeeding. But the duo couldn't have asked for a better start: They recently won the Hamburg music prize "Krach + Getöse"; they're currently in the studio recording new tracks, and in late September, they'll be bringing their new material to Reeperbahn Festival. Right on, boys.

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