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Virtually no other band – in fact, make that no band – in recent times has thrust local stoner rock onto the international stage as ferociously as the guys from Kadavar. With a highly infectious mixture of roaring riffs and drums that rearrange your hair about once a minute, the trio has succeeded time and again in creating a sound that most people thought was reserved exclusively for the States. Sure, it’s a total cliché. But let’s be honest: with album-length crushers like “Abra Kadavar” (2013) or “Rough Times” (2017), hardly anyone thought that Wolf, Tiger and Dragon came from Berlin. But they do. For “The Isolation Tapes”, released last year, they then rather surprisingly conjured up the celestial epic style of early Pink Floyd, after they had already brought the impetuous groove of Can or Motorpsycho into the present and managed to reinterpret it for their own songwriting. Rock music made in the German Federal Republic has certainly not shaken off entrenched conventions this vigorously for decades.

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