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With a love for the paranormal, for outer space and the semi-apocalyptic vibe of our times, Kårp have been bringing clubs all over Sweden to bursting point with their eponymous debut “Kårp” from 2019. The four-piece from Gothenburg who, with their industrially adorned synthwave, seems simultaneously ultramodern and as if they’ve just sprung from some kind of parallel universe of the past, are difficult to grasp in every respect. While being very danceable, songs like “Left Handed” or “Humdrum” are packed with an eery fascination for the absurdity of the postmodern. They are in any case truly unique bangers that will have you getting lost in the shiny reflections of the disco ball. Pulsating rhythms, ghostly modulation and singer Anna-Maria Lundberg’s witchy, ethereal vocals have Kårp’s sound oscillating between a strangely nostalgic dancefloor and a mystical ritualism without ever having to fully commit to either. It’s as if The Knife and Lykke Li had locked themselves into a warehouse for a few weeks with a mixer and some synths with the goal of making rave music for a sci-fi film.

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