KEBU & Saymory

Music / Electronic/Live, Folk / Ukraine

Presented by: Vitsche Culture, willkommensKULTUR Berlin

For Maria Kebuladze, one source of inspiration far surpasses all others: people. Particularly special people whom she likes to surround herself with, be it friends, colleagues in the studio or street musicians. As a singer and producer of immersive electronica, she’s repeatedly hooked up with artists of the broadest spectrum under the name KEBU over the past few years. And she’s proven to be one of the most promising talents of this new generation of Ukrainian musicians, for whom sound is a vital means of expression and frequently enough an indirect political statement that carries with it a certain ambivalence. Tracks like “Revaluation” or the feature with producer friend Yurii Wodolazhskyi aka Saymory “Ой на ropi” gently sway back and forth between trip-hop, traditional sounds and pop in trance mode, as a result sounding both mystical and modern. What ideas are up next for her and who she’ll partner with soon are hard to predict. What we can count on though is that KEBU and Saymory will have a few auditory and visual surprises in store for their appearance with us.

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