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Kirchner hochtief

Music / Rock, Indie / Mannheim, Germany

Presented by: Popakademie Baden-Württemberg

What is freedom? A self-determined life? Art without boundaries? Losing control and loving it? For David Julian Kirchner, it's probably all of the above, but none of it without qualification. The songwriter radically advances his contemporaries' DIY mentality and doesn't only pull all the strings musically; he also turned his band Kirchner Hochtief into a multimedia project that could well deserve the title of 'lifetime achievement'.

With a fashion label, a line of fragrances, a nightclub, and all the brands and services that a modern player in late capitalism ought to boast. And then there's his very own streaming service Hochtiefy. The professionally trained pop music designer seems to expand his megalomaniacal portfolio almost on a weekly basis, with new ideas and gear changes between music, action art, and the market economy. The biggest fruit of all this labor so far: Kirchner's debut album “Evakuiert das Ich-Gebäude”, which for all its passion for deviancy always stays true to its subversive indie core. Writing history isn't the only method of getting rid of the past, as Goethe said—he forgot to mention art.

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