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How often has the rebirth of German-language pop music been hailed - and how often have people then absurdly felt let down because they confuse pop appeal with a lack of ideas. Two brothers from Leipzig have set out to change all that in recent years. Stefan and Michael Heinrich morphed from church choristers into buskers, then becoming a high-profile music duo. And since forming as KLAN in 2016, they’ve created a sound that carves its own route between indie, pop and electro. Their recent singles “Nacht” and “Guilty Pleasure” again prove that they can still unite their “Two Sides” (2020) and create irresistibly catchy tunes. Political statement or rapturous love letter in a major key, bursting with wild high-spirits or pensively withdrawn: clever song writing without appearing over-cerebral is the motto here. A duo that has found its way of staying around.

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