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During the heydays of the Hamburger Schule music movement, Frank Möller a.k.a. Knarf Rellöm made lasting contributions to German songwriter culture with albums such as Bitte vor R.E.M. einordnen and Fehler Is King. Since then he has played in countless projects, producing rock that is at times political, at times psychedelic and funky.

Knarf Rellöm Arkestra, consisting of Rellöm, Tillamanda (percussion, vocals), and DJ Patex (synthesizers, vocals), adeptly combine these aspects into one sound. It's probably no coincidence that their spaced-out live gigs in eccentric costumes are reminiscent of the Sun Ra Arkestra. Whether baleful spoken word or groovy singing, when Rellöm's vocals kick in, the music gains a unique deepness, sounding urgent yet sophisticated. The kind of concert experience that leaves a lasting echo.

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