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Koki Nakano

Music / Classical, Contemporary / France, Japan

Presented by: Centre National De La Musique (CNM)

The world tends to dislocate – it always does. Consider lucky those, who manage to keep their balance and keep dancing through life against all odds. Koki Nakano took this idea to heart at the tender age of four when he started playing piano which for him meant relaxation and development, movement and gravitation in equal measure. “There is no sound without movement, no movement without sound”, he once stated in an interview. So too, his music is a dance across keys, ranging from gentle nudges to wild staccatos, equally invoking feelings of dissolution and yearning. His album “Oceanic Feeling” from this year does this better than ever, combining post-minimalist harmonies with chamber jazz and a deliberately ambiguous emotional stance urging listeners to draw their own conclusions. Depending on the mood, depending on the surroundings, Nakano’s soundscapes trigger different reactions in those who take the time to listen attentively. We’re grateful to be getting the opportunity to do so in September.

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