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Presented by: Centre National De La Musique (CNM), Music Moves Europe Awards

Influences from all across the world are what Ladaniva combine into rhythmic paintings that tell stories of understanding and community, but also of the beauty of all the cultures of this world. Jacqueline Baghdasaryan and Louis Thomas both bring an enormous wealth of experience to this project: she comes from Belarus, having moved to France in 2014, playing in a wide variety of bands that honour South American, African and Baltic musical traditions. He comes from a family of French musicians, travels to Africa and Latin America and joins forces with local artists from genres as diverse as folk and jazz, rap or pop. It’s precisely this diversity that flows through songs like "Vay Aman" or "Kef Chilini", which have netted the duo millions of streams across the known platforms within a very short time. Especially in Armenia, France and Southern Europe, Ladaniva have gained a loyal fan following over the past years and have played shows in all kinds of settings - rooftops, beach bars, clubs, parks.

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