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Do creative people need role models? Sure! Role models provide orientation and motivation. However, for female newcomers who are not creative in the binary world, the search for role models is not an easy one: only 5 to 10 per cent of creative directors worldwide are women*. But they do exist, the female role models. And there are new generations who want to learn from them. The initiative Ladies, Wine & Design, founded in New York, brings them together.

Whether a big name in the scene or a gifted newcomer, once a month since 2018, creative women* have been exchanging ideas on the challenges and chances of the industry in panel discussions, portfolio reviews or workshops also in Hamburg. The September edition will take place on our Arts Playground. Guests are Anne Stiefel and Hanna Osen, the art directors of music magazine „Das Wetter“. They will talk to LW&D HH about their work as designers, especially their job of designing one of Germany’s most exciting print publications.

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