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Why do we assume that the end of the world would hit us in a loud and dramatic way? Maybe it’ll come quietly, gentle like a kiss in the morning - maybe we’re already in the midst of it. Paul Lambert uses a nowadays seldom seen gift of restraint to create musical interpretations of a demise which possesses something almost liberating about it. Solely through piano and some subtle and isolated arrangements of strings and winds, the Hamburg master-of-keys consoles us in regard to the inevitable transience of all beings, creating deeply moving soundtrack-esque music like "Sweet Apocalypse" or his album duet "True" and "False" released in 2019 and 2020. The composer faces existential questions without the use of words, lets his instrument speak instead, gives answers that simultaneously shatter and uplift. One thing however is quite clear in the end: we are all bound to slip from this world at one point or another. But Lambert lets us know that this is okay.

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