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Le Monde de Demain

Film / Series / France

2022, Dir.: Katell Quillévéré, Hélier Cisterne, original with English subtitles
German preview

Pioneer DJ Dee Nasty, plus the trio of Kool Shen, JoeyStarr and DJS who become groundbreaking supergroup NTM, dancer and graffiti artist Lady V and the rebellious Béatrice are the main characters in this explosive series saga – the award-winning series WORLD OF TOMORROW captures the big bang of the French hip-hop movement of the late 80s. With the big names from the US scene as their idols and on a foundation of graffiti, breakdancing, rapping and DJing, a new generation is building its own temples in the Parisian suburbs. A stirring snapshot of the birth of a new cultural movement that gave a voice to a marginalised youth, the Arte series is a narrative burst of pure energy.

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