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Les Deuxluxes

Music / Rock / Canada

Presented by: Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

And you thought the era of straightforward rock music with mass appeal was over. Les Deuxluxes aren't the first or the last artists to have that, but they're certainly among the most magnificent that Canada currently boasts. With the slick, grooving riff explosion that was their 2016 debut album Springtime Devil, the duo from Montreal stand head and shoulders above most other two-person bands of their generation.

Anna Frances Meyer and Étienne Barry both sing with a convincing lucidity that would be intimidating if they weren't so adept at seducing listeners into feeling their sound—and listeners feel it in their hearts as well as in their feet. With a reputation for shifting into higher gears on stage than in the studio, expect them to push the pedal to the metal at their gig in September.

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