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Lil Halima

Music / Pop, R'n'B/Soul / Norway

Lil Halima writes love songs for bad lovers and grew up with a motley mix of Nordic folk, Spanish salsa, hip hop, and soul—inspirations that were handed down to her by her Norwegian-Kenyan parents and that have informed her musical socialization.

Today the singer and violinist is a virtuoso at weaving this eclectic background into her own R&B style, which makes deliberate use of bedroom eyes and breathy vocals of a certain pathos. The delightfully warm mood conjured up in songs such as "Jasmine" and "Take Me To Your Planet" is plainly irresistible. This is probably also thanks to the sophisticated beat foundation that hovers between hip hop and funk, and that keeps the replay value at the very top of the scale. Her sound can mesmerize listeners regardless of their mood. That means you only need to do one thing at her shows: Let Lil Halima take the wheel.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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