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Linn Stern

Music / Electronic/Live / Sweden

Presented by: Ditto Music

That the sound of Linn Stern is highly addictive isn't some half-hearted play on words, but undeniable fact because of the former project Very Addictive. Linn Stigsson Stern creates darkly erotic deep house that entices listeners to dive in and lose themselves in the rush.

Pulsating bass massages and baleful voice samples with a retro nineties vibe make up the foundation of earlier Very Addictive tracks such as "In the Dark" and "Take" which is the foundation for Linn Stern's solo sound. But then there are also the electrifying melodies that come up from the depths of every track and wash over you like a pleasantly hot shower. In Sweden, Linn Stern is widely known for setting clubs on fire from Malmö to Luleå with her live sets. It won't be long before that reputation spreads far beyond her home country.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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