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If you go through life with your eyes open, you will always meet people in whom something inexplicable shimmers. Even when Liraz Charhi began singing at the age of five, this shimmer was in her eyes. The Iranian–Israeli actress, singer, and dancer breathes art in all its forms and colours, lives for the moment of the expressive, and has already entered the next level of Persian pop music with her 2018 debut, “Naz”. The sonorous voice of the distinguished artist is accompanied time and again by wonderfully lively arrangements of percussion, baglama, and bass as well as by elegantly dancing synths. Her signature sound combines traditional instrumentation with modern production methods and a certain pop appeal that sounds at once organic and well-defined. On her latest album, “Roya” (2022), she has mastered her musical formula and entered the historical wake of Iranian legends such as Googoosh and Ramesh. Live, Liraz is an incomparable experience.

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