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Lisa Morgenstern

Music Contemporary, Electronic/Live Berlin, Germany

To attend this Elbphilharmonie concert, reservation must be made in advance.

Lisa Morgenstern belongs to that young generation of musicians that, with classical training in instrument and voice, is able to coax unique sounds from the myriad of modern production possibilities. In the young composer’s work, atmospheric synthesizer effects share equal status with expressive piano lines. To these she adds a voice that spans several octaves, and on the new album Chameleonshe glides through Baroque pop songs that retain a remarkably cool elegance with all the electronic accoutrement.

Perhaps Morgenstern’s professional ballet training is partly responsible for this. But the broody Romanticism that features just as prominently live as in her studio albums does not follow rigid rules: in her highly emotional music it is sometimes expressed with great melancholy, and sometimes it is bright and full of hope – often both in the course of a single piece.

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