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Lisa Pac

Music / Pop / Austria

Presented by: Austrian Music Export

In order to study singing and composing, 19-year-old Lisa Pac moved to London. Three years later, she graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, played an impressive string of gigs in the city's clubs, and eventually moved back to Vienna. A decision made necessary by circumstances turned out to be a blessing for the artist—as it so often is.

The creative atmosphere of Vienna was invigorating for the young songwriter, who names Jessie Reyez as one of her most important inspirations. This is traceable in songs such as "What Did You Call Me?" and "You & I", where delicate vocals conspire with piano, synth pads, and beats to raise the hairs on your forearms. Pac's airy, lively style is further evidence that the Austrian capital is still very much happening.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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