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Lisa Wanloo

Music / Indie / Sweden

Presented by: Westside Music Sweden

If you attend a Lisa Wanloo concert, you’ll find the world turning just a little bit more slowly. The Swedish singer-songwriter is still at the very start of her career, having released only a few songs on the big streaming platforms, but among them are compositions of unspeakable expressiveness. Sometimes there are only her voice, a guitar and soft choruses, such as on “Darker”, while “Hear” sees her accompanied by full-bodied drum explosions and “Oblivion”, her ode to the transitory nature of things, is almost painfully sensitive. In every track Wanloo conjures up the maximum of emotions with the absolute minimum of means. And while the overall mood is always coloured by a sensual darkness, her music can also provide comfort in moments of hopelessness. A young artist of untold value for our time.

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