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Do you feel like forgetting all the problems and stresses of the world out there? You just want to kick back with friends and enjoy the moment? These things may have become woefully rare in everyday life, but they shine through in each note of LissA's crystal-clear indie-pop productions. And music that makes for such good vibes is certainly more than welcome in these times.

She's netted 80 million plays on Spotify since releasing her first single three years ago, and there are hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners who all prove the autodidact and singer with the clear voice right: Her music is extraordinarily organic, no matter which mood she goes for. While tracks such as "Zimt" sound warm and introspective, her current single "Gin" combines a clap beat, cheeky guitar licks, and vocals into a pick-me-up that's perfect for hour-long repeats while lounging under a parasol. Now that it's summer, LissA is in her element.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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