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Music Indie Brussels, Belgium

Lomboy is indeed from Belgium, but the ears are close to musical styles from all around the world. A female voice of sweet transcendence rises above elegantly softened electronics. The rhythms might be picked from an Indian Bazaar. The flute chorus from a South East Asian beach café. The beat's right from the dark Parisian cave grounds. What a mix!

The EP "Warped Caress“ (Cracki Records) delivers a handful of likeable sultry songs. "Loverboy“, its superb single, sounds like the universal love song. But singer Tanja Frinta is indeed a real cosmopolitan. Born in Austria, she has lived so far in Sweden, Spain, Belgium and now Paris. She had been tuning her voice by VCR Tapes, her music is glanced with Japanese samples. The result is admittedly pretty groovy and sensuous, but it is also about statements of female power.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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