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Low Hummer

Music / Indie, Rock / United Kingdom

Tearing up the underground with punk attitude and outsider edge - Low Hummer come from deepest East Yorkshire and have cut their teeth on Hull’s own DIY scene. To give the fuzzy garage anthems of their debut “Modern Tricks For Living” (2021) the right twist, the sextet screws together bitter criticism of consumer culture with dirty riff cascades and marries post-punk with shoegaze. The sound is occasionally spherical and gloomy, as in “Never Enough”, but at other times it’s driving, as in “Talk Shows”. Hardly surprising that they are being acclaimed by BBC Radio 1 and by publications on the same level as Clash and Pitchfork. Ultimately, Low Hummer’s sound has absolutely everything to please punk enthusiasts over in the UK but also all over Europe: incisive songwriting coupled with instantly infectious melodies, an instinctively tiny dose of pop appeal, shimmering synths and plenty of danceability. The hype train is already haring down the track - if you still want to jump on, come to the concert in September.

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