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Loyle Carner

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / United Kingdom

For a decade now, Ben Coyle-Larner has been considered the easy-going nice guy of the British rap scene. And the London prodigy does have a certain laid-back attitude, which occasionally comes through in his calm eloquence or brilliant beats between jazz, boom bap and turntablism - Madlib sends his regards. His last album “Not Waving, But Drowning” (2019) in particular has become a direct neo-classic of British hip-hop that lacks absolutely nothing. Production, lyrics, flow, delivery - as Loyle Carner, the man knows his craft inside out and also understands the socio-cultural creative power that lies in this music. Which is why, on this year’s “Hugo” (2022), he switches from summery conscious rap to an angry denouncer of what is the slowly but surely crumbling status quo in the UK. Racism, issues of distribution of wealth, the eroding welfare state, the moronic political antics of the Johnson government and his relationship with his own father are just a few of the red hot issues he gilds in immaculate bars on tracks like “Hate” and “Georgetown”. The times are calling for it and Carner delivers. A legend in the making, playing the Opening Concert at Reeperbahn Festival.

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