Lucas Bird

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Ukraine

Presented by: Vitsche Culture, willkommensKULTUR Berlin

Inspired by a parakeet named Lucas, Daniel Zubkov chose an alias that’s as simple as it is striking. Since then, as Lucas Bird, he’s earned a reputation as a superb live musician, not just in his Ukrainian homeland. The multi-instrumentalist from Kiev creates minimalist pop gems seemingly in his sleep. At any rate, songs like “Elene” or the wonderfully ambivalent “Art Class” have a blissfully warm bedroom studio vibe, but are anything but simplistically composed. Piano, drums, guitar, synthesizer, vocals - in the main, Zubkov handles everything himself, just as he did when he started out. Accompanying him now though on stage is a three-piece band, which enriches and further develops his very charming DIY style. He used the lockdowns to produce countless new songs, and these can be heard live for the first time in September.

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