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Music / Electronic/Live, Pop / Netherlands

Luwten, the name of the Dutch songwriter and producer, means a place without wind – nothing more and nothing less. On her new album "Draft", she perfects the opulent gestures of her self-titled debut from 2017, finding a balance between art pop and alternative R&B that achieves its own artistic merit. Her voice retains a certain fragility while always sounding soulful and distinct. Thematically, Luwten, aka Tessa Douwstra, explores the subjects of alienation and honesty, being true to oneself and one's environment, something we often avoid out of fear. She prefers to work in a creative vacuum, free of any outside influences, interpreting a very personal vision of contemporary sound design that incorporates field recordings, visceral samples and the subtlety of cool ambience. The result is a style whose irresistible appeal evolves from its restraint.

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