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Music / Electronic/Live / Denmark, France

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Cool and crystal clear, the sound of Lydsten has the majestic nature of Scandinavia tattooed deep into its musical DNA. His name bears this out too, translating as “sound stone” in Danish, neatly encapsulating the aesthetics of this solo artist’s most finely crafted singles to date, “Calcite” and “Malachite”. Lydsten builds highly catchy techno rhythms from futuristic samples that also work with break beats and chase melodies like summer night dreams. But also when you listen, on your headphones or in the club, you get a steady stream of soundtrack-like atmospheric incantations, textured so opulently you can almost feel them stroking your skin. Think of the final morning hours of a rave on a lonely North Sea beach, or the background music for an elevator ride to the moon. Lydsten mixes the ambient films of Kiasmos and Carbon Based Lifeforms and blurs them with the distinctly emotional indulgence of Bicep and the near-organic tech house of Christian Löffler. A soundscape to immerse yourself in.

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