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Mabe Fratti

Music / Indie / Guatemala, Mexico

Since her debut "Pies sobre la tierra" (2019), Mabe Fratti has been regarded as one of the most singular artists of this generation. The ancient and the modern, the analogue and the digital dissolve and blur in Fratti's compositions into an all-embracing texture of sounds, words and soul for which there are no adequate descriptions. It’s not only the writing of the music that is an essential part of the contemplative creative process into which Fratti dives over and over again, but also the purposeful improvisation as well. The results are nothing short of magical and often consist only of vocals, cello and sparsely interwoven synthesizers of hypnotic radiance. Art pop and chamber folk, modern classical and progressive electronics, seraphic atmosphere and sensitive expression are aspects of the soundscapes that this maverick from Guatemala is able to draw with an extraordinary grace. On her third album "Será que ahora podremos entendernos" released last year, she has absolutely perfected this amalgamation, proving once again that she moves in her own artistic spheres.

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