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Maeckes & die Gitarre

Music / Pop / Germany

Whether solo, with Plan B or with the Orsons, Markus Winter spent the past decade saving German hip hop from ruin. Clever rhymes, big juicy beats, extremely thought-out sampling and a steadily aimed middle finger at bourgeois hypocrisy made the Stuttgart native one of the few German rappers who can afford to try just about anything. And that’s exactly why he’s now taking his guitar-based gigs as Maeckes, which he’s mostly played in churches, cinemas and theaters to date, to Germany’s bigger stages. He has been honing both his voice and his skills on the strings diligently, and come up with fresh lyrics on the current state of the world. As heartwarming as Unperfekt sounded in 2014, and as rousing as his readings and small, intimate shows have been ever since – he’s finally back with new material. Spoiler: As a songwriter, Maeckes, accompanied by his guitar, has not forgotten how to hit the bullseye.

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