Maryana Klochko

Music / Electronic/Live / Ukraine

Presented by: Vitsche Culture, willkommensKULTUR Berlin

Maryana Klochko suddenly appeared on the radar of bookers and beat bashers west of Kiev last year with her lush productions. Ignoring all trends, the up-and-coming producer pushes surreal tracks over the airwaves, for which no style is too offbeat, no sample ride too wild. Thus, seemingly effortlessly, she mixes spherical pop with her charismatic minimalist vocal poetry, experimental ambience with ghostly club atmosphere or post-apocalyptic folk with crunchy breakbeats. What fits and what doesn’t is decided by Klochko in the process, sometimes traded between the unconscious and the fictional, sometimes pursuing a vision in a very focused way. In spite of this, the tracks on her rich Soundcloud account are all hard to grasp, and this is why Klochko is already booked for renowned clubs from Tbilisi to Düsseldorf to perform her experiments live in front of an audience. Volunteers, come forward: looking for guinea pigs for a gig in Hamburg in September.

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