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Matt Corby

Music / Indie, Pop / Australia

Often, we only appreciate the good times when we also have to go through difficult phases again and again - that's life. For Matt Corby, however, this formula is not only a coping mechanism but also a source of inspiration. So far, this has only enriched his music: whether on the debut "Telluric" from 2016, the atmospherically condensed "Rainbow Valley" (2018), or now his new album "Everything's Fine" - the Australian always finds the right tone, the right mood, a soothing melody with which he gives his audience strength and hope. He integrates psychedelic soul with catchy pop arrangements, warming vocals with elaborate instrumentation, and, along the way, reinforces the insight that we often have enough control over how we encounter the world around us and can thus shape it. Corby knows this first-hand. So when he takes the stage at the Elbphilharmonie in September with fresh songs, they will have been born out of his own experiences over the past months and years. Art that life writes, so to speak.

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