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Mona Steinwidder and Lorin Strohm of the band Me Succeeds have redefined relaxed electropop on their current output “Into Randomness” (Ki Records). But the music is not lulling at all. Instead, they created a stirring concept album. When Steinwidder moved from Munich to Hamburg for the sake of her studies, Strohm and their then bass guitarist Sebastian Kokus just came along with her. You can really hear that the change of places to Hamburg influenced the music. The fascinating dialogue between the instruments and her voice make the duo’s songs flourish. Steinwidder whispers and articulates in an enchantedly fragile way. Strohm interweaves this with a mixture of house beats and hip hop basses. None of their songs sound alike. Me Succeeds create fine miniatures, gossamer textures in whose turns one tends to lose oneself easily. The music unfolds its power only at the second hearing because there are so many details and experimental melody blasts to be discovered.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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