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Meskerem Mees

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Belgium

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The name "Julius" was an obvious choice for her debut album and has a very simple and emotional reason for Meskerem Mees. Born in Ethiopia, she spent the days from her earliest childhood growing up on a farm near the Belgian city of Ghent after being adopted by a Belgian couple. Part of the story: a donkey named Julius who remains her faithful companion for many years. And now, on the 23-year-old’s first album, Julius has duly been immortalised. The arrangements of voice, guitar and cello are as touching as they are simple and form the musical fabric of the 13-song release. Mees’ lyrics are as poetic as they are unpretentious, offering excerpts of her biography on the one hand and allowing a glimpse into her soul’s innermost on the other – maybe perhaps even into that of her audience. While the poetic qualities of pieces like "The Writer" or "Parking Lot" are of a highly personal nature, they at the same time hide unexpected twists and turns that many can identify with –stories only life itself could write. Meskerem Mees transforms them into songs, into an intimate and relentlessly deep soundtrack to one’s own path.

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