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What would German-language electropop of the past two decades be without Mieze Katz and her Beat Boys? It would probably not even exist, at least not in the memorable form that Mia. has shaped it into with albums such as "Hieb & Stichfest" and "Willkommen im Club."

With unflappable determination, the four Berliners have done their thing from the get-go and slapped the prefix 'electro' on anything that crossed their artistic path: pop, punk, indie, rock, and reminiscences of the Neue Deutsche Welle of the eighties flicker from their electronic sea of color, which has washed over Germany's stages with an appropriate degree of digital glamour. They haven't only gained a fan base in Germany, but all over Europe, and time and again, the band has used its strong media presence for political causes. After a longer break, this year they return to Reeperbahn Festival in order to set the "dance of molecules" in motion once more.

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