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Mikey Mike

Music / Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap / United States of America

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It's certainly a way to make new friends: In the L.A. metropolitan area, he hung up posters of himself with lines such as "New to L.A.", "Wanna be Friendz?", or "Have you seen this man? Owes 2.3 million in child support". But when Mikey Mike tried these attention-grabbing self-pranks, he'd already snuck his way into the credits of Rihanna's multi-platinum album Unapologetic.

With his clever blend of rap, pop, and indie, and his authentic no-fucks-given attitude, the poet and screenwriter is one of the most idiosyncratic characters currently at large in California, a state where freaks and geniuses are pretty widespread in the first place. And seeing as he's signed with Warner Records, shown up on the radar of none other than Rick Rubin and convinced him to produce his first single "Doin' Me"—Mikey Mike clearly made it before he even started.

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