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Music / Pop / Berlin, Germany

Authenticity is a virtue many artists lose all too easily, especially when attempting to reinvent themselves. For Mine, the art of transformation has been an integral component of her overall artistic concept from the beginning, which on the musical level endows her free-spirited pop etudes with funk and hip-hop, electronic accents and profound lyrics. It picks up on the absurdity of human comedy visually and unconventionally alike, as evident in the politically disturbing collage video for "Unfall" - a single that perhaps describes the status quo of the past years better than anyone might have expected from German pop. While she might provoke your self-reflection through her music, her ultimate goal is reconciliation. For it is more about the questions, which she throws us on her last album "Hinüber" and which outline our current attitude to life, than it is about their answers: “What is freedom? What’s work? Who has had their share? Who’s left with a hungry stare?” We’re probably well overdue to face it all. It’s a stroke of luck then that Mine will be returning to make up for the missed show of 2020.

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