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Music Pop, R'n'B/Soul Belgium

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Gently flowing r'n'b, deeply relaxed and simply outrageously easy. Moli sounds like she's at home in the US, the metropolis of the genre. But she's originally from Belgium, with British roots, and now she lives in Berlin. So far, the just 19-year-old has often played along with others such as Fabich. But in the meantime she has also released a handful of her own singles.

Her summer hit “Did not Mean to“ is about her tiresome dating experiences. The interchangeability and arbitrariness of digitally-conceived relationships – and the often rude behavior under the protection of the virtual world. Moli has negotiated the topic of love also incredibly cool in “The Point in Loving You“, a rather thoughtful track. Moli, inspired by the hipster metropolis Berlin, is currently working on her first EP, but her laid-back groove and her distinctive voice should not be missed live.

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