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Music / Pop, R'n'B/Soul / Berlin, Germany

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Moli is only 20 years old, but she's already hailed as one of Germany's big new talents. That's unsurprising considering the flawless sound of the infectious pop tunes she's created so far. The singer with the recognizable voice started out singing Billie Eilish and Frank Ocean covers on YouTube, but her EP Resumé quickly boosted her to the big leagues of sweet, laid-back R&B vibes—not that those leagues are particularly crowded in Germany.

So the instinct and skill she demonstrates in her professionally-produced tracks are not to be taken for granted. We live in an era of young online musicians who rise to fame over night, and Moli has the chops to keep rising. She's probably currently working on new material for a full album, but until then she is very welcome to release more songs such as the summery, yet melancholy "Nowhere," or the melodically inventive "Didn't Mean To." Once you've heard it, this is music that stays with you—because you want it to.

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