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Monumental Men

Music / Electronic/Live / Bern, Switzerland

Like sound artists before the vista of the Swiss Alps, Monumental Men create captivating pop music in widescreen format. Fanfares meet powerful beats and vocals that range from ethereal to passionate and very much present. Biru and Melvyn Buss' dynamic arrangements hover between club music and pop appeal, while Roman Bühlmann adds a great deal of character with his vocals.

Exciting and equipped with excellent taste, the trio is like a fresh drink of water for thirsty ears. Where tracks such as "Deeper Waters" or the excellent remix of Zeal & Ardor's "Devil Is Fine" evoke a cinematic mood, pieces such as "Small Flame" and "Living Inside Your Love" withdraw into song-driven introspection. But one thing is clear as a cloudless day in the mountains: The music of the Swiss trio is monumental even in its humbler moments.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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