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No band should sound this straight forward and intricate at the same time. How Motherhood manage to pull off this impossible balancing act so casually anyway will probably forever remain the Canadian trio’s small but pivotal secret. Good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes, and while their debut “Diamonds & Gold” (2013) is almost a decade old, it somehow sounds even fresher today than it did back then. How is that possible? See above. Their third album “Winded” from this year took “only” three years in the making as compared to the six it took for “Dear Bongo” (2019) to come out. But the trio continue to smelt art rock and post punk, alternative and pop, the offbeat and the catchy with such a desire for experimentation that their song writing must be described as nothing short of achieving the impossible. The fact that this is their second album to be released with the underground diggers of Forward Music Group does justice to both the project and the prestigious label. A hot tip for anyone looking for rock music that strays from the norm.

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