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Music / Indie, Electronic/Live / France

Voice, microphone, keys—these are the ingredients from which Pierre Mottron creates captivating pieces that are almost impossible to pin to an emotion. Sadness? Love? Awe at beauty? Fascination? While the first single "Lighter" was difficult to place emotionally, it's precisely this quality that makes for a uniqueness that puts listeners under a spell.

The second single, "They Know", was clearly at home at the melancholy end of the pop spectrum, but especially combined with its music video, the track evokes a strangely macabre, yet elegant atmosphere. Strings and wind instruments are sampled, chopped up, and multiplied by the factor of human. Mottron's music is never one-dimensional or in-your-face, but always composed and written with great attention to detail.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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