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Muff Potter

Music / Rock / Germany

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Legends never die, so they say. And in 2018, Muff Potter took this figurative idiom and applied it for real when they applied for the annulment of their own dissolution. Nine years earlier, the style-setting project came to an abrupt end, at least for the public, playing a few last concerts and saying goodbye. On albums like “ Schrei wenn du brennst” (1997) and “Bordsteinkantengeschichten” (2000), they left their mark on German-language punk rock in a way perhaps only Die Ärzte could, who they naturally accompanied on tour. Later, influences from emo and indie found their way into the Potter sound, but ultimately the band has remained true to themselves. So when they finally appear on stage again in Hamburg in September, fans will know what to expect - and everyone else will willingly convert.

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