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My Ugly Clementine

Music / Indie / Vienna, Austria

For years Vienna has been home to a vibrant indie scene with countless creative artists and labels, who are known for their ability to craft a shining revival out of any old subgenre. And that's exactly what My Ugly Clementine are doing. Their playful guitar sound lives somewhere between indie and post-punk, and quite simply hits the spot.

Sophie Lindinger, better known as half of the duo Leyya, gathered Mira Lu Kovacs, Kathrin Kolleritsch, and Barbara Jungreithmeier to form this supergroup, which sold out its first show at the Rhiz in Vienna before even dropping a single. When the four-piece did release "Never Be Yours," the anticipation proved justified. Undoubtedly the women's festival debut in Hamburg will be a blast.

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