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One of the most exciting voices among the present club scene comes from South Africa. Five years ago Nakhane Touré entered the scene with his debut album “Brave Confusion”.

Just now the second album of the 29-year-old was released with the title “You Will Not Die”. There you’ll find some tracks with feverish beats which are driven by synthesizer and drums. Nakhane sings with a bright voice and sometimes even reaches the heights of falsetto – just like Anohni, his role model. The songs by the South African also contain quite a good deal of pathos just like in “Interloper”, and other tracks like the title song from the album are made with delicate tenderness. Nakhane’s songs possess an enormous emotional range. When there are choirs to support him the songs even become almost sacred which is not too surprising if you know that he comes from a rigorously Christian Xhosa family. “You Will Not Die” belongs to the best soul albums of recent times and Nakhane definitely has the quality to become a superstar.

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