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Music / Pop, R'n'B/Soul / Germany

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It’s pretty hard to fully grasp the mood that lands Nalan’s idiosyncratic R&B with its own soundtrack, “I’m Good. The Crying Tape” (2021). Physical trip-hop beats throb under a glossy mesh of synthesizers, crystal-clear vocals and the moods of Gen Z that wants to lose itself in the haze of a digitalised world. On the one hand, it sounds artistically highly mature and forgoes the traditional blueprints for successful song writing and hook density - who needs them? Then again, tracks like “Rewind” with its dense 2000s vibes, and the wonderfully contrasting “Bed Of Tears”, are obvious chart breakers, as we used to say. And this amounts to an even more delicate balancing act than Nalan achieved on her debut album. No surprise really then that she’s landed straight up with tastemakers Mansion and Millions. Especially in the streaming era and its functionalised production laws, Nalan’s sound is nothing less than balm for the ear, heart and soul.

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