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Music / Electronic/Live, Indie / Würzburg, Germany

Ferdinand Kirch has had to endure his share of resistance and hardships, yet they‘ve given him opportunity to grow in return – and they’ve clearly inspired his music. Having been pushed around in his youth and without a label in his back or a safety net, the loner focused on making music under the alias nand, which he uses to process a self-initiated change of school, the break-up with his then girlfriend and the coming to terms with a world which more often than had flipped him off. In 2019, he turns the tide: as a self-taught producer true to his style, he releases his debut album “gutgehen”, fuses city pop with idiosyncratically honest lyrics, indietronica with cocktail vibes and, with a well-placed smirk, wins the battle against the tristesse of the status quo again and again. His fans show their gratitude with sold-out shows and loads of online flattery. Understandable, since his style if as poignant as it is parodic. Not taking one’s own thoughts too seriously, indulging in feeling good, even though the circumstances would probably suggest the contrary – maybe that’s not the worst way of dealing with the world. He’ll be letting giving us a deeper look on stage this September.

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