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Nicklas Sahl

Music / Pop / Denmark

For a long time, there has been talk of ‘female intuition’ – but perhaps there is such a thing as male intuition too? Nicklas Sahl, for example, apparently always knew that he was going to be a musician. The 22-year-old Danish singer-songwriter never wondered whether he was meant to give music priority over everything else; it was just a question of the right timing. And that time was last year, when his debut EP Planets took listeners’ breath away. The singles “Hero” and “New Eyes” went straight to the top of the Danish charts and, dripping with convincing pop appeal, even enchanted many who aren’t usually into pop. No surprise that Sahl racked up streams in the double-digit millions. 2020 will see his first headliner tour of Denmark and Germany – of course with Hamburg as one of his stops.

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