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Hamburg premiere

Q&A with director Eline Gehring and lead actress, co-screenwriter and producer Sara Fazilat after the screening.

Nico, an optimistic German-Persian woman, is very popular with everyone who knows her because of her relaxed and understanding nature. With her best friend Rosa, the geriatric nurse enjoys the Berlin summer – until a racist assault tears her out of her everyday life. Nico becomes aware that she does not belong to society as naturally as she always wanted to believe.

Harassed by memories of the assault, Nico withdraws back into herself; the once cheerful woman is not her former self. When she feels that she can't go on like this, Nico turns to Andy, a gruff karate world champion. A rigorous training programme helps her channel her rage – but Nico gradually loses the connection to herself and her old life. When she meets Ronny from Macedonia, the two women engage in a relationship that brings Nico to question the path she has taken...

Producer and leading actress Sara Fazilat was awarded the No Fear Award for "Nico" at the German young talent award First Steps 2021. For her portrayal of Nico, she also received the award for Best Young Actress at the Max Ophüls Preis 2021 film festival. Did she play her role so convincingly, because she was also co-scriptwriter and producer apart from acting in the film? Anyway, we congratulate her – and hope you'll enjoy the film!

2021, P Sara Fazilat, R Eline Gehring, D Sara Fazilat, Eline Gehring, Francy Fabritz, K Francy Fabritz, 75 Min.

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