© Natalia Luzenko

Niklas Paschburg

Music / Contemporary, Classical / Hamburg, Germany

To attend this Elbphilharmonie concert, reservations must be made in advance.

It’s a balm for the soul, infused with an ocean breeze scent, that wafts from the keys of Niklas Paschburg’s piano when he loses himself in ever so light melodies that swell into emotional avalanches. The young composer whisks listeners away to blue-gray beaches with calm waters, or to the cliffs overlooking Norwegian fjords. The wide landscapes he paints on his debut album Oceanic are permeated by an almost impressionist essence – a defiance of the digital overload of modernity. Letting everything unimportant fall by the wayside, he finds vastness without missing intimacy, seeks calm without losing intensity, and awakens longing without accepting the loss of joy. In Paschburg’s delicate music, slowness has a tangible presence, drowning out the rationalization of sound and composition with a hope that washes over body and mind like pouring rain.

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