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Nina Attal

Music R'n'B/Soul Paris, France

Presented by: 917XFM - Hamburgs Musiksender

She has already twice caused a sensation at ELBJAZZ: When the French musician Nina Attal grabs her electric guitar and starts playing the blues it sounds as if her home is a little backwater in the Mississippi delta and not Paris, France.

She has immersed herself in the abyss of the blues but together with her high-energy band she also commands a really dirty kind of funk. Gigs with the 26-years old are always a sort of wild attack. With her album “Wha”, which was released two years ago, she has even expanded her musical horizons. “Wha”, which was recorded in the USA with the help of Chic-bassist Jerry Barnes, possesses a good pinch of funk and soul. Her voice has gained expressiveness and strength as well. In September her next album will be released on Skip Records, her Hamburg label. On “Jump” the singer reveals a slightly softer side with songs we expect from singer-songwriters. But live on stage Nina Attal always burns off musical fireworks.

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